Monday, August 27, 2012

Did you know Wave Petunias are sold all over the world? Gorgeous gardens and public spaces are teeming with spreading color across North America as well as overseas. Whenever we travel, we’re always snapping photos of interesting plants and garden designs – especially when they involve our own Wave Petunia!
Here’s a photo from the UK where our colleagues showcased a vertical wall of Wave Petunias in their patriotic red, white and blue.
Growing vertical lets you take advantage of smaller spaces, and can even create a pleasant “living wall” or barrier from neighbors, noise and nuisances.
These roadways and pathways in South Korea are brightened by plant life, and Wave is the star of the show.

A display garden in China creates a serene setting in this photo:

And right near our own hometown of Chicago, public gardens, city streets and rooftops are displaying Wave Petunias.

What about you? Are you as keen on plant sightings as we are? What are some of your favorite garden or cityscape that you find fascinating? The National Gardening Association has a helpful Public Gardens Locator at its website to help you get started.
Next time you’re exploring your hometown – or even a strange city – snap a picture when you see Wave. Post it to our Photo Gallery and share the plant love!
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