Hot New Petunia Colors for 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Wave Crew
Happy New Year, Wave Fans! While it may be cold and wintery this month, Wave Petunias has hot new colors to look forward to this spring. We hope you like PINK because these plants take that color to a whole new level!

First let’s look at new Shock Wave Deep Purple Petunia. Many lucky Wave Fans had a chance to trial these beauties in their gardens last year. The blooms have a deep, dark throat and vibrant petals. It’s simply electric! Especially when paired with other colors. For instance, mixing with white or a softer pink can perk up your containers like a sweet sugar rush, as you see here in this Shock Wave Power Mix.

Another new introduction this spring is an improvement on our Shock Wave Rose Petunia. Our Wave Experts have bred a more intense color to really make your garden stand out. The Shock Wave blooms are smaller than our other Wave petunias, but new Rose packs a punch.

We’ve mixed it here with our popular Shock Wave Coral Crush and Shock Wave Red for a new Shock Wave Amp Mix. This hot blend of colors adds a bit of energy to any sunny space.

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We hope you enjoy these latest colors for the Shock Wave line. Look for them at your favorite garden center this spring.

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