Rainy Day Gardening

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wave Team
All plants need water, and a rainy day should be a welcome event in your garden. But just because it’s wet or gloomy doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors. Here’s some things you can still do in the yard when Mother Nature turns on the sprinklers.

Pull Weeds. When the soil is wet, dandelions and other weeds release their taproot easier, which minimizes regrowth. A narrow weeding tool leaves less of a hole, or pull them by hand.
Protect Seedlings & Young Plants. If the rains persist, the smaller roots of your young plants could drown. Provide a cloche or cover for seedlings to help them survive a downpour.
Rescue Your Pots. Too much water is the No.1 killer of plants. Remove the tray below your patio pots, or place it on its side to help relieve the excess rainwater. You can add “feet” to your planters to help with drainage, too. Hanging baskets can be sheltered if the waterworks are steady.
Give Your Compost Heap A Turn. Mixing the dry layers with the wet in open-air compost bins will aid the decomposition. Give it a good turn with a pitchfork to stir things up. Making your own compost is a good idea, as your Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies prefer regular applications of organic matter.
Add Mulch. Now that the ground had a good, long drink, retain that moisture by adding a layer of mulch to the surface (about 2 in. deep). Mulch also helps cut down on weeds, gives you a good footing in your garden, and it keeps the soil cool during the warmer months. All good things for your Waves!

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