Decorate For Spring

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wave Team
Everyone waits for those first warm days of spring so they can start adding color back to their garden. Whether it’s a simple hanging basket near the front door, or a few containers near your patio, gardening in the cool season gets us out of the dreary winter blues.
Because they can take nippy, frosty spring temperatures, our Cool Wave Pansies are a great choice for spring garden color. They spread and trail just like the Waves you love, and they're available in fresh spring hues of blue and yellow that beg to be mixed with other spring flowers or bulbs.
One of our favorite things to do with Cool Wave Pansies is decorate the season using unconventional containers, craft decorations, or reclaimed items from the outdoors. Below are a few options our design experts have created.
This will thrive in your spring garden! Ornamental grass mixed with Yellow Cool Wave Pansy and bright osteospermum. A branch adds height and provides a "perch" for this cute birdhouse decoration. The Cool Wave Pansy is paired with herbs and ornamental grass. This would make a great hostess gift! Edible lettuce and Cool Wave Pansy in a burlap container. The chopsticks add some fun.

The Cool Wave Pansy spills out of the base, while the tall grass and wood twig add height and dimension. There is also some rattan pieces to fill in around the pot. The birdie completes the look. These small spring containers would look great as a tablescape for garden parties. You can use old teapots, watering cans, or colorful bowls as well! Another great edible arrangement! This yellow Cool Wave Pansy paired with looseleaf lettuce can be grown right on your patio table.
We have more helpful spring decorating tips at our website, as well as instructional videos for spring tablescapes. Be sure to check them out, and get some gardening inspiration on our Pinterest boards.

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