Fan Club Feedback

Friday, February 6, 2015

Wave Team
Help us choose this year's ad campaign for Wave Petunias! Browse the photos below and let the Wave Team know which one you like best. Tell us in the comments section at the end ... and THANKS for being a Wave Fan! This summer, you're going to "Wow 'em With Wave!"

UPDATE: You've given us an amazing response, Wave Fans! When we tallied votes, there were more than 512 comments and votes for your favorite graphic. Here's the results:
;-) (emoticon) = 36%
"Your yard is a cake..." = 9%
"...won't misbehave" = 2%
"Blooms til she sings" = 3%
"Take me out to the garden" = 42%
" screams color" = 1%
Other response / None = 7%
The top designs chosen by our Fan Club will be featured this Spring in our promotional campaign in your favorite magazines, gardening websites, and on social media. Thank you!

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