Happy 25th Birthday Wave!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Katie Rotella

This year we’re celebrating 25 years of Wave® Petunias. Can you imagine? Since our debut of Wave® Purple Classic in 1995, our Wave Fans have been gardening with the world’s best-known spreading petunia. There’s been 25 years of exciting colors and new flowers to fit any gardening style.
For 25 years, Wave Petunias have been spreading 3 ft. of color in your garden making you feel like a pro and impressing your guests and neighbors. Below are some highlights over the years... How many do you remember?

1995   Wave Purple Classic wins the All-America Selection National Award for its top performance across the country. It’s the kickstarter for all spreading petunias to come!
1999   Tidal Wave Petunia is revealed, and gardeners tune in to HGTV to see the 1st Wave TV commercial. Also, our website Wave-Rave.com is launched.
2001   More award winners announced: Tidal Wave Silver and Wave Lavender WOW the AAS judges nationwide with their awesome color.
2002   Welcome Easy Wave Petunia – our most versatile and colorful Wave family member. It’s seen everywhere in its pretty pink pots!
2007   Shock Wave Petunia is launched for spring hanging baskets. Denim is the top color!
2012   Wave Petunia combos and medleys make choosing a ready-made basket a cinch.
2013   Cool Wave Pansies join the family to bring easy, spreading color to early-spring gardens and fall/winter color for our southern Wave Fans.
2015   The "Velours" hit stores and gardens everywhere feel luxurious!
2019   Wave Carmine Velour earns an All-America Selections Award, bringing our total wins to 5.

We know our Wave Fans are a dedicated bunch, and we can’t wait to party with you all year long in 2020. Watch for fun giveaways on social media and maybe pop-up events near you. We’ll be sharing all our news monthly at our blog and in our newsletter (be sure you’re signed up!)
What’s been your go-to Wave Petunia color? Where’s your favorite place to plant Wave? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll share some of your comments on Facebook and Instagram. From all of us at the Wave brand, thank you for choosing Wave. Let’s get the celebration started!

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