New Colors and Trends For Spring 2020

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Wave Team

Spring is not so far away. The days are actually getting longer! If you’ve got cabin fever and are missing your backyard, it’s time for some spring dreaming. What will your garden look like this year? Wave Petunia and Cool Wave Pansy experts have the following suggestions to stay on-trend this season.

Are you aiming for a classic aesthetic – maybe something in those oh-so-popular “modern farmhouse” tones? Easy Wave White or Shock Wave Coconut can add a soft living color to your decor.

How about something upbeat! Add a little vibe to your space with an electrifying color like new Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue or our Shock Wave Purple Tie-Dye. (It was named by Wave Fans on social media ... and select stores will carry it this year.)

Need more tropical hues in your life? You can’t beat THIS winner for a getaway look in your own outdoor space (Wave Carmine Velour)

What about you early-birds who like to garden before the soil warms? There’s plenty of Cool Wave Pansies to scratch your itch for early-spring flowers.Look for Cool Wave Strawberry Swirl for baskets and balconies.

Our Wave Team is always hard at work to bring new and exciting colors to a store near you. But while the weather’s frightful, check out our mail-order catalog partners from the comfort of the indoors. Get your list ready as we all look forward to the warmer days ahead.


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