Mix Your Wave Petunias to the Max

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Wave Team

We know our Wave Fans out there are looking for fun, new ways to show off their Wave petunias this Summer, and a great way to get started is by mixing and matching your favorite Wave colors with other exciting varieties in pots, gardens and more. It can create a dynamic look in any setting!

Loving The Blues
Find your garden Zen and create a calming effect by mixing cool blue tones with nice accent plants like coleus or zebra grass.


Red-Hot Livin’
When you’re ready to spice up your baskets with warmer hues, try combining Easy Wave Red with a sun-loving lantana or a creeping lysimachia that spills out for a dramatic show.


Sassy Spring
You can also play with different textures and classes. Foliage plants like carex can take your combos to new heights – for a multidimensional feel – while vibrant-colored calibrachoa and our showstopping Easy Wave Berry Velour add a palette of color.

Whatever components you choose, there’s a Wave for every style. Take your mixtures to the next level with Wave petunias and inspire garden envy among your neighbors!

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