Thursday, June 4, 2020

Planting Wave Petunias is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you’ve brought your Wave Petunia plants home, your first order of business is to create the best environment for Wave Petunias to grow in the garden. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

1 Plant in Full Sun
Wave plants need sunlight. Select a location for your Wave Petunias that receives plenty of sun – at least 6 hours. Petunias are sun-loving flowers that need its warmth and energy to look and perform their best. Adding organics or amending your soil with compost creates an ideal Wave root environment, too. If you've dug into the ground and found clay or too-sandy soil, add healthy potting mix or  a dose of homemade compost to create good texture for the plant roots to take in moisture and nutrition. Remove any old blooms or seed-heads before planting, too. This will put all the plant's energy into healthy root growth and help your plant establish its best base in your garden.

2 Add Water and Plant Food
After planting, water well. Add some diluted liquid fertilizer to your watering can to give your plants a head start, or you can sprinkle granular plant food in the hole before adding your plants. (Be sure to follow the dosage instructions on the fertilizer label.) Wave plants are vigorous and need plenty of food to give them energy for blooming. If you notice a yellowing on the leaves, your plants may need a dose of well-balanced nutrition.

3 Monitor Moisture
It will take a couple of weeks for the petunias to settle into their new environment. Continue to water on any sunny, dry and/or windy day. A good rule is to stick your finger into the soil. If it feels dry all the way down, it’s time to water. And remember: baskets and containers dry out faster than plants in the ground, so sometimes daily watering is needed to minimize stress for your Waves planted on the patio or in window boxes. Adding plant food to your watering schedule (about every 10-14 days) is a good routine, too, and will give you robust plants and non-fading color all season.

Wave plants also make great mixed combo containers and hanging baskets! For more information, visit


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