Plant Cool Wave Pansies now for bright color next spring

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wave Team

Our Cool Wave Pansies were added to our Wave Family in 2014. They are a perfect fit to our motto of Easy, Spreading Color! And one of the best ways to utilize pansies is in your Fall garden. For Wave Fans in Southern climates, you'll see flowers all through the season and well into Winter. In fact, Cool Wave Pansies survive down into the low-teens before going dormant. That doesn't mean you Northen Fans miss out. Cool Wave is Zone 5 hardy, which means under a blanket of snow and frost, your plants are sleeping and waiting for the warmer Spring sunshine to pop back up and color your world.

Watch the overwinter trial of our Cool Wave Golden Yellow Pansy below. Enjoy two seasons+ of friendly color!

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