Monday, March 8, 2021

1. 1995: A beer company discovered the first Wave Purple Classic Petunia!
Wave petunia was born from an unlikely source: a breeder for a Japanese beer company noticed a wild petunia growing in their fields. Recognizing the petunia’s amazing potential, PanAmerican Seed partnered with Kirin to produce and distribute this newcomer, Wave Purple Classic, across North America in 1995.
2. 1999: Wave Petunias debuted in an ad on TV for the first time!
Consumers tuned in to HGTV to see the first-ever Wave TV ad in 1999.
3. 1999: The Year of Wave!
That eye-popping Wave pink packaging and the website for home gardeners both made their first appearance to rave reviews in 1999.
4. 2013: Wave Fan Club arrives on the scene! 
The Wave Fan Club, the only petunia fan club in North America, took the gardening world by storm in 2013, offering free giveaways and the latest news on Wave for our wonderful fans!
5. 2020: Wave’s 25th birthday!
Last year was Wave’s 25th birthday! We’ve been celebrating 25 years of exciting colors and new flowers to fit any gardening style, thanks to the versatility and wide color range of Wave.
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I had no idea that the wave petunia was discovered that way but I'm sure glad it was. It's one of my favorites!
Thursday, March 11, 2021 | Delorce Clark

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