Monday, March 15, 2021

We love a good Top Ten List! Here's our look ahead to the new year. How many of these gorgeous Waves will you plant in your garden?

10. Easy Wave® Rose Fusion Petunia
New for 2021, pink petals infused with deep, rosy hues give romance a whole new look.
9. Easy Wave® White Petunia
Crisp, bright white shines for a modern chic style.
8. Easy Wave® Lavender Sky Blue Petunia
Calming, soothing lavender-blue for relaxing on lazy days staring up at a clear blue sky.
7. Wave® Purple Classic Petunia
Vibrant, electric purple sparks like a  sizzling light show at a rock concert in the park.
6. Shock Wave® Coral Crush Petunia
Bright, in-your-face orange-pink… like melting popsicles on a warm Summer day.
5. Velvety Velours – Easy Wave® Red, Berry and Burgundy, Wave® Carmine and Tidal Wave® Red Velour Petunias
Colors soft enough to sink into… Rich, deep red colors evoke the feeling of sipping a glass of merlot while sitting back in a velvety easy chair.
4. Tidal Wave® Silver Petunia
Silvery-lilac shade – the hottest color for painting on walls this year… and including in your garden!
3. Easy Wave® Burgundy Star Petunia
Deep red and white swirly stars like a beach umbrella spinning in the breeze.
2. Easy Wave® Yellow Petunia
Sun-bright yellow brings a happy, smiley glow to all who see it.
1. Easy Wave® Pink Passion Petunia
Glittery pink with fuchsia accents glows like a neon sign in Times Square.
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Are these hardy in TX, I HAVE NOT SEEN THEM
Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | Addie

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