5 Tips for Planting Wave® Hanging Baskets or Containers

Monday, May 10, 2021

The Wave Crew
Here are a few guidelines to follow to create the best environment for Wave hanging baskets and containers.
1) Don’t over-pack with plants
Just a few plants will go a long way! We recommend 3 Wave plants in a 10 to 12-inch basket or container. Too many plants in a small basket or container will have your Wave Petunias or Cool Wave® Pansies fighting for the nutrients they need to spread and cascade over the sides.
2) Fertilizer is key
Wave plants are vigorous and hungry. They need plenty of nutrition to give them energy for bloom production. If you notice a yellowing on the leaves, that’s a sure sign your plants need a dose of fertilizer. Adding feed to your watering schedule about every 10 to 14 days is a good routine.
3) Baskets and containers dry out faster
When you put Wave in baskets or containers, you’re limiting their roots’ ability to seek out hydration – they are totally reliant on you to keep them watered. In the heat of Summer, a basket or container may need watering twice a day. The plants can take a bit of drying out between watering, but don’t let the soil get so dry that the plants wilt. A good rule is to stick your finger into the soil. If it feels dry all the way down, it’s time to water.
4) Good drainage is crucial
It’s important to remember that Wave plants need good drainage in baskets and containers. Wet or saturated roots will rot and leave your plants open to disease. Be sure there are enough holes in the bottom of your basket or container to let excess water run out.
5) Your plants need sunlight
Select a location for your hanging basket or container that receives plenty of sun – at least 6 hours. Petunias are sun-loving flowers that need its warmth and energy to look and perform their best.

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