Guide for Taking Care of Your Wave® Garden

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Wave Crew
To get the best color and show from your Wave Petunia garden, here is a guide for some essential steps to follow.
• Make sure your location gives your Wave plants at least 6 hours of sun.
• Adding organics or amending your soil with compost creates an ideal Wave root environment.
• After digging the hole, adding a dose of slow-release or granular fertilizer will give your plants a head-start to vigorous growth. (Be sure to follow the dosage instructions on the label.)
• When transplanting Wave plants, maintain the same plant depth as the original pot or pack. Place it in the ground all the way up to its soil line.
• In the Spring, after any chance of frost has passed, space Wave and Easy Wave® Petunias 12 to 24 inches apart in garden beds.
• Tidal Wave® Petunias grow according to how you space them: Spaced 12 inches apart, they form a dense, mounded hedge. Spaced a little farther apart – about 18 inches – they will perform as large, mounded bedding plants.
• You can transplant a larger container or basket of Wave Petunias right into the garden. But don’t attempt to break apart the plants or cut through the roots. That will harm the plant’s root-base and inhibit its ability to take in water and nutrition.
• A regular routine of liquid fertilizer (about every 10 to 14 days) when you water will keep your vigorous Wave plants fed and happy.
• If the plants get slightly over-grown or leggy in your landscape, you can cut them back. Remember to keep them fertilized and within 2 weeks you’ll see a fresh new carpet of color!

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