How to Care for Your Wave® Petunias

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Wave Crew
Healthy Wave Petunias will produce bountiful blooms and vivid color all Summer long through the simple grooming steps of pinching, deadheading and trimming.
Pinching Wave
Pinching Wave Petunias back encourages new growth, more branching and more blooms! On long stems that look “leggy,” pinch the stem back 1 to 2 inches, making sure to cut shorter than the desired branch length. These tips will be tender and can be pinched using your forefinger and thumb, or scissors. 
Once the branch is pinched back, new growth will begin to develop, creating that familiar Wave spreading form.
Deadheading Wave
Deadheading Wave Petunias is another way to encourage more blooms on your plant. Although Wave plants naturally do their own self-cleaning, occasional deadheading will provide an even bigger boost for flower production. Once the flower begins to fade, remove it, along with the small stem that attaches it to the plant.
Trimming Wave
Giving your Wave Petunia a trim will encourage this exceptional plant to keep growing and keep blooming. For best results, start pruning soon after you install them in your yard. Start early, even if this means you must trim off stems that have attractive flowers on them. 
Whenever your petunia stems are 8 inches long or longer, begin the pruning schedule. Each week, clip three or four stems in half, making the cuts above a node. The petunia plant will then produce two new growing tips just below each cut, and those tips will begin flowering soon. 
Within 2 weeks you’ll see a fresh new carpet of color!

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