7 Combos to Copy for Your 2022 Garden

Monday, November 15, 2021

The Wave Crew
Portable Flowers + Herbs
Flowers and herbs can be grown in small spaces with ideas like this! Plant in a fruit stand with coco liner and place your individual-sized garden in a sunny place on your patio or balcony!
Relaxation Combination
Breathe in the scents of lavender and basil while admiring the calm, crisp white petunias! This is a combo meant for mental health and relaxation.
Lovely Dichondra
Up your hanging basket game by adding in some beautiful dichondra! This is a gorgeous, cascading plant that can trail up to 3 or 4 feet long!
Ombre Fashion
Gardening meets fashion! Ombre has been on trend for a few years now, and it doesn’t show any sign of phasing out. Why not use this trend in your planters? Pictured is a 3-tiered planter (from the dollar store!) to create this easy look.
Flowers + Veggies + Herbs
Have your plants and eat them, too! While petunias aren’t edible, you can plant them alongside veggies and herbs to make a beautiful AND edible combo.
Pretty in Pink
There is no shortage of pink when it comes to Easy Wave Petunias. Select your favorite colors, and then mix in other sun-loving pink plants like geraniums or pentas!
Wild & Wonderful
While this isn’t a combo, we can’t help but feature these Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye Petunias. Put them in a fun DIY planter for a wild, modern, and unique aesthetic!

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