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Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

The Wave Team is here to help! From gardening tips and tricks, to finding Wave at your local store, contact us anytime to get the best gardening advice for Wave Petunias or Cool Wave Pansies.

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Wave Brand Manager

Claire is the driving force behind the Wave brand. She keeps fans in-the-know about the latest products, and organizes fun giveaways for gardeners eager to grow the newest flowers.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/lisa-lacy" title="View articles by Lisa Lacy">Lisa Lacy</a> Lisa Lacy

Product Manager - Wave Petunias

Besides creating fun and brilliant new colors for the Wave Petunia family, Lisa offers tips and tricks to gardeners looking to get the best performance from their Waves.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/katie-rotella" title="View articles by Katie Rotella">Katie Rotella</a> Katie Rotella

Website Manager

Follow Katie as she shares her Wave home garden adventures! She's a proud member of the Wave Team and loves to connect with Fans via the website. 

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/alyson-upshaw" title="View articles by Alyson Upshaw">Alyson Upshaw</a> Alyson Upshaw

Social Media Manager

If you enjoy our social posts, pictures and projects, thank Alyson! She is thrilled talk to Wave Fans on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. 

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/gianna-miceli" title="View articles by Gianna Miceli">Gianna Miceli</a> Gianna Miceli

Wave Blogger

If you love Wave Petunias, Gianna shares your passion! You can find her gardening with fun, unique planters and always coming up with creative ideas.

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