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Container Concepts

Container Concepts

Show off your design skills and wow visitors with a showstopping container.

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Grooming and Care for Wave

Grooming and Care for Wave

Enjoy the best-looking plants with these helpful Wave grooming steps.

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Wave Basket

Successful Wave Baskets

Here's some guidelines to creating the best environment for Wave in baskets and containers.

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Wave Garden

Successful Wave Gardens

Enjoy Wave in your garden with these suggestions.

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Wave Container

Made with Wave Combos

Wave plants play well with others! Make gorgeous mixed containers with these simple recipes.

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Fall Cool Wave

Fall Decorating

View some ideas to enjoy Cool Wave Pansies in the fall.

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Spring Cool Wave

Early Spring Decorating

View some ideas to enjoy Cool Wave Pansies in the spring.

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Petunia Seedlings

Grow Wave Petunias from Seed

Follow these seed-starting guidelines to enjoy bright color in your garden.

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The Wave series is a perfect groundcover choice.

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Wave petunia tower

Build a Wave Tower

Build a beautiful and unique tower from Wave petunias.

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wall-to-wall Wave

Seek & Hide

Create a "natural concealer" that can hide unsightly areas of your yard.

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