About the Wave® Brand

When the first Wave petunia – All-America Selections winner Wave® Purple Classic – debuted in 1995, it took the gardening world by storm with its dramatic spread, exceptionally long bloom time, and superior weather resistance.

Wave’s popularity with home gardeners has exploded, and millions of gardeners love Wave’s easy spreading color! Through the years, more series have joined the Wave Family …

  • Tidal Wave® in 2000
  • Double Wave® in 2002
  • Easy Wave® in 2003
  • Shock Wave® in 2008
  • Cool Wave® Pansies in 2012

In all, today’s Wave family numbers six series and an amazing array of color and seasonal choices!

Gardens, patios and balconies have never been the same, thanks to the amazing all-season color and virtually care-free performance. Wave is the brand you know, buy and trust!