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Wave® Misty Lilac

One of the most sought-after Wave Petunias! Misty Lilac grows slightly taller than the other ground-hugging Waves. Its flowers may show appealing white “splashes” when grown in high light conditions. The overall effect is a light pink-and-white show.  

The original spreading petunia! Choose Wave when you need ground-hugging carpets of color that spread up to 4 feet /1.2 meters. Wave is perfect for growing low and filling in fast over retaining walls and landscapes. It’s care-free and low maintenance for cascading out of window boxes or balcony planters. Enjoy masses of flowers along its entire length!

Exposure: Sun
Mature Plant Height: 5-7" (12.7-17.8cm)
Full Spread: 36-48" (91.4-121.9cm)
Water Requirements: Medium
Feed: Once a week
Plant Type: Annuals
Success Tips: Avoid wet foliage going into night. Keep well fed for best performance.