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Tidal Wave® Hot Pink

Hot Pink is a total show off! Add it to your garden or balcony when you want look-at-me color.

Here’s the “go-to” when you’re looking for fast garden color. It’s a petunia hedge, vine or groundcover – Tidal Wave does it all! These fast-filling plants spread out across big spaces, and they crawl along and over walls and fences. They’re the largest and most vigorous in the Wave Petunia family with terrific recovery from rain. Height and spread is determined by how closely plants are spaced – the closer the spacing, the taller the plants.

Exposure: Sun
Mature Plant Height: 16-22" (40.6-55.9cm)
Full Spread: 30-60" (76.2-152.4cm)
Water Requirements: Medium
Feed: Once a week
Plant Type: Annuals
Success Tips: Avoid wet foliage going into night. Keep well fed for best performance. Provide plenty of room for spread.

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