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Easy Wave® Burgundy Star

One of our most popular patterned petunias! Easy Wave Burgundy Star has a bright burgundy base with a white star radiating from the center. Some blooms may express more solid burgundy or more white depending on environmental conditions of heat and light, but its striking pattern is sure to make a statement!

Easy Wave Petunias are fast-growing and are the most versatile for your garden. Grow them in the ground or in any basket or patio container. They tolerate the heat and cooler night conditions well. These flower-filled plants grow a little more mounded than original Wave Petunias. Enjoy dozens of decorator colors and mixtures to match your personal style!

Exposure: Sun
Mature Plant Height: 6-12" (15.2-30.5cm)
Full Spread: 30-39" (76.2-99.1cm)
Water Requirements: Medium
Feed: Once a week
Plant Type: Annuals
Success Tips: Avoid wet foliage going into night. Keep well fed for best performance. Occasional cut back will rejuvenate plants.