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Container Concepts

An attractive, eye-catching container can light up a front door or porch. Show off your design skills and wow visitors by following these simple concepts to create a lush, showstopping container.

Layering For Attention

To add height and dimension, follow the tried-and-true strategy of Spiller, Filler and Thriller.

  • Spiller plants flow over the container edges and add attractive color. They soften the edges and drape down, sometimes to the ground. A perfect example of a spiller plant is original Wave® Petunia. Other spiller plants include Cool Wave® Pansies and Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea).
  • Filler plants fluff up and fill in the gaps of the container to give a full, lush appearance. Filler plants serve as medium-height plants in between the spiller and thriller. Examples of filler plants include Lobelia, Euphorbia and Angelonia, as well as Shock Wave® Petunias.
  • Thrillers add height and drama to the container. Grasses and other tall flowers will deliver a perfect focal point to pull your container together. Examples of thrillers include Pony Tails Stipa, ‘Sparkle White’ Gaura and Coleus. In larger containers, try growing Tidal Wave® Petunias up a trellis for an eye-catching focal point.

Textures for Thought

Each plant plays an important role in the overall appeal factor of a container. To attract more attention, use plants that display different textures. Many plants have unique, touchable textures, ranging from the bold leaf edges of Coleus to the airy, wispy look of Euphorbia. Playing with different textures is a fun way to add variation and make a container

Contrast is Key

When thinking about a color scheme for your container, consider the color wheel. Using contrasting colors adds the wonderful clash that grabs the eye and demands attention. To create this look, select colors opposite to each other on the color wheel, like oranges and violets, or reds and blues.

Show-stopping containers are at your fingertips with these key container concepts. Put your creative eye to work and Wow ‘em with Wave™ today!