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There's no better way to keep the power of flowers alive than with an artist's rendition of colorful Wave® Petunias!

About The Wave Mural

In an effort to inspire flower enthusiasts everywhere, the larger-than-life Wave Petunia mural is dedicated to the idea that Wave Petunias go far #BeyondTheBloom. Wave Petunias are more than a single plant in a pot, and leave a bigger impact than just a quick purchase at the garden center. They spark smiles, happy moments, and human connections...and we hope this mural does the same!

This intentionally energetic collage of pink paint comes with a variety of interactive, photo-worthy features. The #BeyondTheBloom mural depicts how we are all surrounded by vibrant, overflowing blooms every day, and they certainly should be celebrated.

If you meet the Wave Petunia mural, snap a selfie, take a photo from afar, and share on social media with the hashtag #BeyondTheBloom to be spotlighted!

The Magic Behind The Mural

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Where to Find the Mural

Nestled in the heart of Batavia, Illinois on the corner of State Street & North River Street, you can find us spreading joy of color.

A special thanks to Water Street Studios and The City of Batavia for making the magic of the mural happen!

Angie Maioriello - mural artist

About the Artist

Angie Maioriello is a self-taught freelance illustrator and muralist based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Her work is heavily inspired by patterns and forms found in nature. In her free time she can be found creating with her 3-year-old son, traveling and exploring the outdoors with the ones she loves.

About Wave Petunias

When Wave® Purple Classic debuted in 1995, it took the gardening world by storm with its dramatic spread, exceptionally long bloom time, and superior weather resistance. The popularity of Wave Petunias since then is undeniable – millions of gardeners love easy, spreading color!