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Jul 21, 2022
Take the Guesswork Out of Gardening: Trimming Petunias
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

Leggy petunias? No worries. Preventing leggy petunias requires trimming them back throughout the season. The key is to be dedicated and mindful, and your garden oasis will be full of your favourite Wave® Petunias.


Petunias will look extra flower-filled and tidy if the spent flowers are deadheaded. Remember, removing just the spent flowers is not enough. You’ll also need to remove the seed pod to stop leggy petunias. The seed pod looks like a little green or tan bud nestled at the base of a star-shaped group of tiny leaves. To make sure you get the bloom and the seed pod, nip or pick off the flower stem below this section.



Cut petunias back by about half if they look tired and straggly in mid-summer. This will stimulate the growth. The rejuvenated plants will soon return with a burst of fresh, colourful blooms.

To prevent your petunias from getting too leggy, you’ll need to start by pruning the branches by one-quarter, or by half on a regular basis – every two weeks or so. Your petunia plant may be in full bloom when you do this, but it will keep your plant looking full and lush, so it is worth it.


If you want, you can even cut back all the branches at once and the result will be a full, blooming petunia plant in just a short amount of time.

By keeping mindful and diligent with your routine, your petunias will be prolific and showstopping all season long.

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