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Mar 8, 2019
Planting Spring Baskets With Cool Wave Pansies
Claire Josephson  Wave Brand Manager

Our Cool Wave Pansies are the perfect spring decoration for your patio, balcony or front entry. They’re available in fresh color AND they thrive through the unpredictable weather of the season – even a late-frost or snowfall.


To get the most from your hanging baskets of Cool Wave, here are a few tips to create the best environment for your plants.


1. A Few Plants Go A Long Way


Cool Wave Pansies are vigorous, and spread and trail just like Wave Petunias. For a 10-12 in. (25-30cm) container, we recommend 3 plants. Give them equal space to grow, and you’ll be amazed how fast they’ll fill in and spill over the sides.


Cool Wave Raspberry 2. Feed Me


To feed your Cool Wave vigor, provide a nutritious potting mix from the start with a fertilizer charge, or add in a dose of granular plant food when you plant (follow the dosage on the label). Adding liquid feed to your watering schedule once a month will keep your pansies happy with spreading blooms all season.


3. Watch The Moisture


As the season heats up, your Cool Wave Pansy hanging baskets may begin to dry out. To test your moisture, stick your finger two knuckles down into the soil. If it feels dry at the tip of your finger, it’s time to water. Also, if the basket is light-weight, that’s another indication that it’s time for a good long soak.


Cool Wave Raspberry 4. Provide Good Drainage


Speaking of watering, be sure the bottom of your basket has a few holes for drainage. Wet or saturated roots will rot and leave your plants open to disease and inhibit their growth. Holes at the bottom will let excess water run out (think of all those April showers!). You don’t want your plants to drown.


5. Sunny Location In Spring, Some Summer Shade


Select a location for your hanging basket or container that receives plenty of sunlight – at least 6 hours per day during the cooler months. Your Cool Wave Pansies will bask in the spring sunshine and present you with colorful smiling faces. If your baskets still look good into June, you can move your basket to receive more shade during the heat of the day. Your pansies will appreciate a bit of relief from high night temperatures as summer approaches.



Got any questions about your cool-season garden? Let us know! Leave us a comment below and check back often for answers. Send us photos of your plants or visit our Contact Us page. And we’re always listening on our social media sites. Say “hi” on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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