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Sep 6, 2021
Guide for Designing a Front Porch Fall Planter
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

Planters and window boxes are a fantastic way to experiment with planting and design. They add another dimension to the front porch, brightening dull spots and providing interest and color to set off your entryway in style.

1) Select your container
When choosing your planter, stick to just one or two different materials. Take your cue from your own or style of your house – red brick buildings are enhanced by terracotta containers, while a modern front looks great with galvanized metal pots.

Bigger pots have more impact and plants growing in them won’t dry out as quickly, but an eclectic group of small planters creates a quirky, ever-changing scene.
2) Make a plan
Once your planters are chosen, you can move on to selecting plants, keeping in mind their eventual height, shape and growth. Most plants are either upright, broad or trailing.
Remember to factor in sun vs. shade, as some plants need a full 6+ hours of sun, and others thrive in the same amount of shade.
You can create a combo with plants of different heights and shapes, but another sure-fire way to create a strong, architectural statement is to place just one bold plant in the container!
3) Know your growing conditions
If you fill a container or hanging basket with shade-loving impatiens and then put them in a sunny, west-facing location, those impatiens will struggle to survive. You also won’t have much luck if you try to grow sun-loving pansies on a shady porch. Think about where the planter will be located and select plants that will flourish there. 
It's also important to combine plants with similar moisture requirements. Plants that do well in dry conditions don’t mix with those that need regular watering. 
4) Decor
Add in some additional decorative items near or in your planter. Have fun with pumpkins, gourds, Fall signs, scarecrows, and so much more!
5) Choose a bold mix of colors
Generate energy and excitement by combining complementary colors such as purple and orange. Or choose related colors such as reds and yellows. You can also create a sophisticated look with silver, green and white. This is your chance to try new combinations and take some chances with some amazing, colorful plants.
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