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May 21, 2014
Let’s Play Favorites
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

If you’re a true Wave Petunia Fan, you probably find it difficult to pick just one color for your garden. But maybe you have a favorite Wave Petunia color that holds a special place in your heart. Or perhaps there’s a go-to combo that makes your garden POP (and the neighbors ask, “What’s your secret?”).

We were curious if our Wave Team of experts would be willing to reveal their favorite Wave Petunias … and we were so glad when they responded!

photo of Claire Josephson
Claire Josephson Wave Brand Manager   My favorite is Easy Wave White – it’s like the little black dress of gardening. It goes with everything and lasts the whole season; I can’t live without it!

Lisa Lacy, Wave Product Manager   Just ONE fav? Isn’t this like asking which of your children you like more?! If I had to choose one, it would be Easy Wave Neon Rose. First it’s about the color. I recall the very first time I saw this variety in 2006 at a Florida trial. It stuck out amidst 200+ other varieties because of its vibrant and bold color. There were so many flowers on the plant, too. From a distance it was hard to miss! I also like the uniform and very consistent shape of the plant. I know it’s going to work wherever I want to use it – in flowerbeds or in baskets. Neon Rose also pairs well with others: The color is really attractive blended with white or pink or blue which makes it quite versatile.

Jian Ping Ren, Wave Petunia Breeder   Impossible! I can’t pick just one. So I'll pick my favorite from each Wave series. I choose Easy Wave Neon Rose for its bold color and mounded-spreading habit. It holds so well! And has excellent garden performance. I also like Tidal Wave Silver for its cute flower color. Plus it has the best stress tolerance. It’s so durable and carefree, I always have it in my garden. Wave Purple Classic has the strongest color. It’s outstanding in the landscape and showy in baskets. Absolutely botrytis resistant. Then there’s Shock Wave Rose for its cute small flowers, beautiful color, and tight habit. Great for when you have a small-space garden or plant in containers.

Laurence Pallez, Assistant Product Manager   I obviously have a few, but I’ll go with Easy Wave Rosy Dawn (pictured here with Bacopa Blutopia). I like it because it is one of the more “controlled” in habit so it plays better with others for combos – it does wonderfully in mixed containers! The color is more or less a deep coral rose with a nice yellow throat so it gives it an incredible brightness. And come on, it’s ruffled! I just love it!

Katie Rotella, Wave Social Media Admin   I love to watch the colors in my garden change over the course of the season. It makes me feel like there's something new to see every time I step outside. That’s why Shock Wave Denim is my favorite. Young blooms are rich purple that mature to lighter lavender and then even silver! It’s so modern – and so interesting! People always ask me what color it is, and they smile when I tell them. “Denim” truly is an appropriate name for this petunia.

So tell us in the comments section below: What's your favorite Wave Petunia? We'll share some of your great feedback at our social media pages, and a few lucky Wave Fans will be selected to receive a gift from Wave. Happy Gardening!

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Reader Comments (2)

I planted Easy Wave Coral Reef petunias for several years and can no longer find it. Do you still produce it? Where can I get it in the Kansas City, MO area?
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 | Marianne Melena

Hi Marianne
We love Coral Reef, too! It has that great salmon color and pretty ruffles. This petunia is usually in stores around Mother's Day. You'll find it at large retailers like The Home Depot and Walmart. But make sure you get there early in the season! Coral Reef is sometimes the first to sell out. Your local independent garden store can place a special order for you if you contact them in the winter. It's a great time to visit the store and talk about what's new and what you like. Good luck!
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 | The Wave Team