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May 17, 2021
How to Plant a Window Box in 3 Easy Steps
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

Window boxes are one of the early examples of incorporating the current living wall trend into the exterior of your home for curb appeal. It is a simple way to add charm, color, and focal points to the outside of not only your residence, but alongside decks, railings, and even a walkway or sidewalk!

Adding a window box effortlessly spruces up your outdoor living space to make it more enjoyable for you. Wouldn’t you love to sit on your front porch – surrounded by beautiful flowers – after a long day in the office? Maybe you’d rather enjoy it from the inside, sipping a cup of coffee, with a view of vibrant flowers peeking up through the window! A window box is great for small spaces or those with busy schedules. You can still enjoy all the benefits of growing your own flowers without the commitment of a large garden space.
There is so much you can do with only a few feet of soil… The possibilities are quite literally endless!
Here are 3 easy steps to get your window box garden started:
1. The Box
The sturdier the box, the better! Plants and soil will naturally become heavier when watered, so whatever you choose must be able to hold some weight. Also, keep in mind: the bigger the box, the heavier it will be. While wood is a more traditional look, you can choose plastic or even take it to the next level by designing a box made of an old palette or picket fence to coordinate with your home or style preferences. An elongated metal bucket is a great way to give off a more antique, rustic, or chic farmhouse vibe. Someone, somewhere, has made a window box out of just about anything to fit their unique style!
2. The Inside
To maintain a healthy environment for the plants, create drainage holes at the bottom of your window box. This will allow for extra water to drain out. Holes do not need to be bigger than approximately ¼ an inch. Space accordingly based on your box size.
While not necessary, a good rule of thumb is to line your window box (especially if it’s made of wood) with a plastic liner to protect the box itself and give it a longer life. This will also make cleaning it at the end of the season much easier!
Choose a good soil. Potting soil is used for window boxes, containers, hanging baskets – pretty much for anything besides a flower bed.
3. The Styling
The fun part is choosing color combinations that match your home and style. Afterall, we are enhancing the curb appeal of our homes with these window boxes!
Wave petunias are the best trailing flower for your window box. From Shock Wave to Original Wave, there is a petunia style for everyone! With a variety of fun and vibrant colors, Wave petunias will add that wow factor to complete THE look. Their low-maintenance and almost carefree growing style requires little commitment from you… all you need to do is sit back and enjoy while Wave petunias do all the work. 
Take your time designing a layout of your plants OUTSIDE of the box before planting. You can move things around to find the proper balance before starting to plant inside. You are the designer right now… this is all part of the fun! 
Don’t forget: a window box does require more frequent watering than an in-ground garden bed, especially in hot weather. Plan to water daily and completely soak the soil during each water. To ensure more plant growth, deadhead spent blooms or foliage.
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