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Aug 16, 2021
7 Garden Hacks You Won't Believe You Didn't Think of Yourself!
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

Here are 7 techniques to make it a little easier for you to plant, grow and manage a beautiful Wave® garden.

Wave Pink Pot Soil-Saver
For deep planters, fill the bottom with your empty Wave Pink Pots, then fill the rest of the space with soil. The pots improve drainage and create air pockets for better aeration and healthier soil, and you will save money and avoid buying another soil bag!

Recycled Plant Hydrator
To prevent water from settling in the bottom of your Wave petunia pots and causing root rot, cut up old sponges and place them in the bottom of the pot before planting. The sponges will retain moisture and create necessary air space.
Cardboard Seed Tubes
For an easy way to start your Wave petunia seeds, reuse your empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Cut into 2 in. lengths and set in a waterproof tray. Fill with potting soil and plant petunia seeds. When the seedlings are ready to move to the garden, plant them right in their cardboard tube, making sure to plant the tubes under the soil level. The cardboard will decompose.
Milk Jug Watering Can
To avoid refilling your smaller watering can several times to water all of the containers in your garden, use an empty, rinsed milk jug. Drill some holes in the cap, then fill up the jugs with water and go.
Wave Pink Pot Shovel
An easy way to quickly fill large containers is to use that distinctive Wave Pink Pot your Wave petunia comes in as a shovel! Once the pot is emptied, just use it to scoop up soil from your soil bag or garden mound and pour it into your container.
Climbing Plant Controller
To control vining and trailing plants, as well as taller vegetable plants, fasten zip-ties or a nylon stocking around the stalks, strapping them loosely to a trellis, fence or pillar. They need to be able to move and grow.
DIY Drip Irrigation
This smart hack is designed to mimic a drip irrigation system. You can deliver water straight to plant roots using a plastic bottle and an old sock. Puncture holes around the sides of the bottle and stuff the sock inside. Then bury the bottle to the neck in the soil alongside your plants. The fabric will absorb and retain the water, slowly distributing it to plants. Unscrew the cap and fill the bottle whenever you're ready to water.
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