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Feb 15, 2022
Top 8 Wave Petunias for 2022 (+1 Cool Wave Pansy)
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

We’re highlighting a few of our favorites this year and sharing our color trends to watch. Think Pink for 2022 with flower introductions from our new E3 Easy Wave™ series, along with an Easy Wave neon shade. The New E3 Easy Wave features earlier-flowering petunias – even earlier than Easy Wave – which is perfect for our Wave Fans in the south. Also, be on the lookout for exciting blues and purples that match the Pantone Color of the Year: Very Peri. These classic petunia colors are sure to liven up your garden with complementary pops of color.

1. E3 Easy Wave Pink Cosmo

2. Easy Wave® Neon Rose

3. Shock Wave® Denim

4. Wave® Purple Classic

5. Wave Misty Lilac

6. Wave Lavender

7. Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue

8. Tidal Wave® Silver

9. And we know that this isn’t a petunia…but we just had to include the new Cool Wave® Blue Spreading Pansy. Its vibrant shade of solid blue is both impressive and attractive. 

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