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Apr 12, 2022
Red Garden Design Inspo
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

Red is the color of life, courage, love, and most of all, passion. If you desire an amazing garden full of vivid, red hues look no further than Wave® Petunias. Their unique trailing habit combined with strikingly colored flowers will drape and cascade from hanging baskets, flower beds and an array of container sizes from your balcony to your outdoor oasis.

Mixed flowers in a landscape with Tidal Wave Red Velour Spreading Petunias and Copper Prince Millet

Be bold in your mixed containers this garden season. Mix red petunias with yellow bidens, and add coleus and canna for an eclectic combo. 

Mixed container of flowers with Canna Cannova® Scarlet, Petunia E3 Easy Wave™ Red, Bidens Sun Drop Compact Double Yellow, ColorGrass® Festuca Festina, Coleus Coleosaurus and Lavandula Blue Spear

As a bright, patriotic display, choose three large pots to plant a series of red, white and blue petunias on your front porch.

Three flower pots containing E3 Easy Wave Spreading Petunias in Red, White and Blue

Nothing says sweeping drama like a trailing landscape full of red Wave Petunias. 

Tidal Wave Red Velour Spreading Petunia in a landscape

These petunias also perform their best as a beautiful border in a raised flower bed. 

Mixed flower landscape containing Tidal Wave Red Velour Spreading Petunia and Copper Prince Millet

Give them as a sweet housewarming gift or place them on your patio table as the perfect centerpiece to your backyard bbq! 

Easy Wave Red Velour Spreading Petunia in a watermelon-decorated woven basket

Speaking of patios, you might want to try planting red petunias right to the edge to get these bold blooms spreading across the ground of your own little paradise. 

Easy Wave Red Velour Spreading Petunia in a landscape growing onto a patio

If you’re looking for a dramatic look to your backyard (or even front yard) this season, get to your local garden center. Gather your favorite hues of red Wave Petunias, get inspired and create that show-stopping garden design today!

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