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May 6, 2022
So What's New?
Katie Rotella  Website Manager

We know our Wave Fans love reading about the newest colors from our petunia and pansy experts. Spring 2022 is no different! We’ve launched a whole new Wave Petunia family member this year, and have also added a new pansy color you’re sure to love, plus made several improvements to our popular Shock Wave series. Learn all about them as you scroll below.

Three decorative pots of E3 Easy Wave petunias sit on a stone patio. Pink Cosmo is in the center.

Meet E3 Easy Wave Petunia
If you’re looking for a work-horse, versatile spreading petunia, you will definitely be familiar with our Easy Wave flowers. It’s the one you choose when you need both bed AND basket fillers, plus it’s the choice with the most colors and mixes.

For 2022, our experts have selected 7 of our Easy Waves colors to be part of a new sub-set of early-flowering petunias. Petunias that flower early really make an impact for southern gardeners who are able to get outdoors in sunny weather sooner than we northerners can. E3 Easy Wave grows tidy and full of flowers, and still promises easy, spreading color as soon as it’s safe to plant!

Learn more about E3 Easy Wave Petunias here. Besides just your standard popular colors of White, Blue, Red and Pink, the new E3 Easy Wave family includes a few unique tones. Wave Fans will especially love Pink Cosmo, which is almost the same color as our fabulous pink Wave logo. (We can’t wait to show-off some cool garden designs with that one!) You will also find the new Sky Blue and Coral very appealing. They're both modern touches for today’s gardens.

A tabletop pot of sky blue E3 Easy Wave petunias sits on a white patio set. A 6-pack of E3 Easy Wave Coral petunias with a branded pack handle.

A close-up bloom cluster image of Cool Wave Blue pansies.

How Cool Is New Cool Wave Pansy Blue?
We were missing a true blue pansy in our Cool Wave family. Now we’ve got a gorgeous shade to share! Cool Wave Blue shown above is vibrant and really stands out in your cool-season garden. It trails out of hanging baskets like a champ, and it would look amazing spilling out of balcony planters, too. Check it out and get ready to “feel the blues” (in the best way possible).

A large decorative pot of Shock Wave White petunias sits at an entry-way.

Upgrading Shock Wave Petunia
We’ve updated our petite-flowered series of petunias with fresh color and top-notch vitality. Our new Shock Wave White (above) is a pure white now, an improvement on our former Coconut color, which had more of a creamy complexion. Now your combo planters will POP with this crisp accent. We’ve also improved some of our popular pre-mixed Shock Waves to keep all the colors performing their best. Shock Wave Spark and Shock Wave Volt include the new white for the best-looking mixture for your smaller-space gardens.

So as you can see, we’re all about keeping it fresh and new here at Wave Petunias! We love exciting you year after year. Which of our new spring 2022 flowers will you try this year? Tell us about it in the comments section and be sure to find a garden center near you to purchase your Wave Petunias.

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Reader Comments (3)

Love the Cool Wave blue pansies. Shock wave white with the smaller blooms will look stunning in with purple.
Monday, May 9, 2022 | Donna

I love the new colors,looks great
Monday, May 9, 2022 | Bobbie Mann

I can't wait to see the selections at my local nurseries. It's planting time and I love these E3s. Hooray!!
Monday, May 9, 2022 | Vicki Housman