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May 20, 2022
White Garden Design Inspo
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

The white garden is ethereal and light and slightly mystical, especially at the first sign of dusk.

Choosing white flowers for your garden offers the gardener and on-lookers the satisfaction of a classic backyard oasis – filled with a sense of wonderment in a beautiful retreat. Look no further than Wave® Petunias in an assortment of pale hues to take you into the abyss of non-color color.

A white mix of flowers in an extra-large patio container sets the stage for this garden. Combine an elegant array of blooms in a variety of heights with E3 Easy Wave® White Petunias, White Flame Salvia, Euphorbia Glitz, Lucky™ White Lantana, AngelMist™ Spreading White Angelonia, Shamrock™ White Lantana, ColorGrass® Festuca Festina and Glechoma Variegata.

A beautiful border of white petunias curves and hugs a garden bed full of African marigolds.

Gather your favorite white spreading petunias in a large flower pot. Sit it on a stoop for a standout statement.

In your landscape, a sea of white petunias can easily play in your front yard, too.

White is the color you choose when you can’t decide which color to plant. It goes with everything, makes your foliage stand out, and creates a feeling of mysticism when twilight arrives in the evening sky. Moon Gardens are becoming all the rage and are perfect for outdoor entertaining in the evening.

What’s your favorite flower to pair with white petunias? Share your thoughts, we love hearing from you.

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