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Mar 1, 2023
Pink Pot Ambassador: March 2023
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies


Woman holding a bouquet of green and orange flowers
Describe your garden.
With 2 large dogs, I knew there was no way of having in-ground gardens. These two love to dig – so I plant everything in containers and raised beds. This way the dogs get to run around and dig their own garden! I love to do foodscaping while I garden. I plant vegetables and flowers together in my flower beds. I plant a lot of annual flowers in the vegetable garden, and I planted corn, pumpkins and beans in my flower gardens.
Each year I choose a color theme throughout all the gardens. One neighbor said I was brave the year I planted all purple flowers.
Tell us about the first time you ever gardened.
My first time “gardening” was pulling weeds out of my mother’s garden. Both my parents loved to garden. My mother would have flower beds along with hanging baskets and window boxes. My Dad would plant a vegetable garden.
What is your favorite combination using Wave Petunias?
This past season was the first time I ever planted petunias in the ground. I planted them in my front garden, and I was prized with a carpet of gorgeous yellow and maroon petunias.
I also have 2 28” planters with a Limelight Hydrangea tree planted in each. This past year, I plant all white Wave Petunias in each planter. The impact was amazing!
Give one suggestion for what a gardener can do with the Wave Pink Pot after they take the petunias out of it.
Donate the pots! So many non-profit organizations are looking for craft material. Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops could use them for their badge work. Preschools can definitely use them for crafts. Even residents in skilled nursing facilities can use them to plant seeds.
If you could have one gardening superpower, what would it be?
To really talk to my plants – and have them talk back!! Wouldn’t it be so cool if each day the plants could just tell you what they need? Water anyone?
Share your secrets! What’s the best gardening hack you know?
Hmmm. I’m a planner. I plan out my gardens and containers months in advance. One thing I do – I’m not sure it is a hack – but when I choose a color and plants – I like to use these plants as long as I can – into other seasons. Think about how you can use maroon petunias now and how they will look in your fall containers too.
Also, I put used coffee grounds and banana skins as a fertilizer.
One more – If you have lots of critters in your area, give them their own “food” area. This way they do not bother my flowers or vegetables.
Which one is the lie? Take a guess in the comments!
Which would you Kiss | Marry | Kill?
What inspired you to become a garden coach?  
My own personal coach. She encouraged me. She told me I light up when I talk about my gardens and flowers. I have so much to share. I love to get more people to grow their own food.
What was your biggest success and your biggest failure in the garden last season?
My biggest success was the pumpkins! I had pumpkins planted in containers with a trellis, in my front garden among the zinnias, petunias and coneflowers. And I had a big pumpkin vine planted in the garden along my front walk with the petunias.
My biggest failure was growing cucumbers. It just wasn’t a good year. Lesson learned – they like lots of room!
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