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May 7, 2024
Flower Potting Party Tips from Tu Bloom – Part 2
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

In Part 1, we covered a few of Tu Bloom’s fantastic potting party tips to share with family and friends while creating a unique design for new plants.

Tu Bloom of Tu Bloom Designs really got the audience going with lots of energy and enthusiasm at his sold-out Potting Parties at the Philadelphia Flower Show earlier this year.


Here, we continue with more ways to help with your Wave plants as you get them container-ready for the season.

  1. Check the plant tags for final plant height, so you don't have pots overwhelmed by one plant.
  2. Remove or rough-up the base of the plant to loosen the roots before you plant them. This helps the plant take root quicker in your container and get hydrated faster.
  3. To fit that last Vinca Vine, the last Dichondra, the last Sweet Potato Vine go ahead and SQUISH that root ball to make it fit! (Check out the video below for Tu’s how-to!)
  4. Water by touch – check your container each day by touching the soil or inserting an index finger. If it's wet, don't water! Water thoroughly if it's dry.

Read here if you missed Part 1. And if you're excited about planting, well, go get your party started with Cool Wave Pansies!

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