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May 22, 2024
What’s Your Favorite Color in the Garden?
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

This month, we asked our Pink Pot Ambassadors: What is your favorite color or color combination to use in the garden?


Pink! All shades of pink and light purples. I love the color pink so much that I designated a spot in my garden that I call “The Pink Pathway.” -@broadwaygardener

A woman creating a flower arrangement with pink and yellow flowers


My favorite color combinations are purples, whites, pinks, blues, and silvers in the garden. I love trying to create a cottage-garden-type vibe – but with plants that can actually “make it” in the south. -@gardensandchickens


I’m a goth garden witch lady, so I want all the black flowers and dark foliage. There’s something about a black pansy that is unrivaled by all other flowers. It is breathtakingly beautiful in its simple, refined elegance. I love all the deep, dark, moody, colors (dark-veined throats of petunias are chef’s kiss), but I also enjoy contrasting them with soft pinks and whites. The coral shades have really started to grow on me as well. -@igardennow

Various flower blooms in different colors


My favorite color combination is pink and white. -@our.cozy.white.home


I love all colors and combos in the garden, and I switch things up every year with the addition of annuals. -@flowerpatchfarmhouse


I really enjoy how much the color pink pops! - @guimondgardens

Various flower blooms in different colors


My favorite color is pink, so anything in the pink or purple families is my go-to for flower. -@porchsidepetals


Matt: I like more of the deep purples and white, though Aimee usually wins that battle of what colors to get.

Aimee: I’m always drawn to pinks or any bright, vibrant combos! -@trowelanderrorgardening

A man on a riding mower next to a flower bed


I honestly don't have a favorite. It is like asking me which of my 5 children is my favorite. I suppose it depends on the day. ;) However, I do lean towards the bright colors when I plant annuals. Reds, Purple, Fuchsia and Orange with silver accents. -@wildwestgardeneringeorgia


In the garden, I love all shades of pink, blush and white. -@southernhomeandfarm

A woman standing under an outdoor flower arch filled with pink blooms

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