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May 19, 2020
Mix Your Wave Petunias to the Max
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies

We know our Wave Fans out there are looking for fun, new ways to show off their Wave petunias this Summer, and a great way to get started is by mixing and matching your favorite Wave colors with other exciting varieties in pots, gardens and more. It can create a dynamic look in any setting!

Loving The Blues
Find your garden Zen and create a calming effect by mixing cool blue tones with nice accent plants like coleus or zebra grass.


Red-Hot Livin’
When you’re ready to spice up your baskets with warmer hues, try combining Easy Wave Red with a sun-loving lantana or a creeping lysimachia that spills out for a dramatic show.


Sassy Spring
You can also play with different textures and classes. Foliage plants like carex can take your combos to new heights – for a multidimensional feel – while vibrant-colored calibrachoa and our showstopping Easy Wave Berry Velour add a palette of color.

Whatever components you choose, there’s a Wave for every style. Take your mixtures to the next level with Wave petunias and inspire garden envy among your neighbors!

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