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Apr 29, 2022
Summer in the South
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

Within the past couple of years, there’s been a shift in population. A movement in migration. Lots of people picking up stakes and making a change. Maybe you’re one of them? Welcome to the warm, sunny south!

Here’s the situation: You have always loved growing successful Wave® Petunias when you lived in the northern states. But now that you’ve become a permanent snowbird, you have some questions ... particularly concerning your potential petunia problems.

No worries, we’ve got you covered and we’re happy to solve your new garden dilemmas.

Did you know?
Wave Petunias in Florida are very doable. As long as the night temps reach below 70F, you’re in the clear. If you’re located in Northern Florida, your petunias should be fine. The same goes for coastal regions of the state. However, beware if you plan to live away from the coast. This area can be a bit tricky for your Wave Petunias since you have concentrated heat continuously in this region.

Timing is everything
When you lived up north or in the midwest, you probably found your Wave plants in stores around Mother’s Day in May. That won’t always be the case since you’ve moved a few latitudes south. Depending on your new microclimate, you may be planting petunias in the late-winter! We highly recommend looking into your new local university extension office. These master gardeners will have the best recommendations on when its best to plant and enjoy petunias and pansies in your new home.

The takeaway
Get to your local nursery or garden center with the rest of your new neighbors. Walk straight to the display of recognizable pink pots. Find the perfect Wave Petunias in your favorite colors. Plant them in large containers on your patio garden or flower bed, and enjoy them in the sun-drenched weather of the south.

For all our long-time southern Wave Fans, here’s your chance to share your vast petunia knowledge! Lend them advice in the comments section below and help them navigate the ins and outs of their new garden region.

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