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Sep 19, 2022
Recycle Your Plant Pots
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

We love going to the nursery at the beginning of the season and filling our shopping carts with new plants. After arriving at our destination, either apartment patio, garden oasis or a backyard that needs a little TLC, we know our Wave plants will be the remedy for garden success. It’s after we’re done planting that we’re tasked with what to do with our leftover plastic pots.

Recycling programs

Did you know? Our pink Wave pots are made from recycled plastics. Once you’re done using them, wash them thoroughly and put them in your recycle bin. Better yet, check with your local garden center or Master Gardener office. They oftentimes have collection sites for all your garden plastic, so it can be disposed of effectively.

Gather the plastic pots that hold flowers, plants, bushes and trees. Collect them from family, friends and gardening neighbors, then head over to these specified collection sites for the maximum benefit. Commercial greenhouses will reuse these to refill for the next gardening season.


If you decide to keep these cute little pots, we also have some ideas for upcycling them.

1. Use them as a shovel for your potting soil.

2. Invert a plastic nursey pot into a larger decorative pot, then add your soil and flowers. This will keep your larger pot much lighter to move around, as well as providing ample planting space if you’re creating a combo.

3. Have them on hand when you need a place to store cuttings or deliver cuttings to share with someone.

4. Save them for a community garden or school where they would be able to reuse them.

Knowing how to reuse and where to recycle your nursery pots and garden plastic is just the beginning. If you have more creative ideas, please share them with our Wave community in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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