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Mar 12, 2024
So Much Fun at the Cool Wave Potting Party
Katie Rotella  Website Manager

Last week, members of the Wave Team visited the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show, hosted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, to sit in on a few Potting Party classes taught by our friend and collaborator Tu Bloom.

A wooden demonstration table with Cool Wave Pansies and other flowers in front of a sign: Potting Parties


You all know Tu -- he's the fabulous floral designer for The GRAMMY Awards, and we recently partnered with him and his botanical artistry when he featured Wave Petunias on The Red Carpet. (We're still in shock! Reeling from all the star power!)

In Philly, Tu Bloom held 5 Potting Party demonstrations each day FOR 10 DAYS and used our Cool Wave Pansies as the "spiller" in all of the attendees' containers. Take a look at our photos below from our time out East. Tu gave expert (and sassy) advice to hundreds of new and seasoned gardeners. The best part: He gave individual attention to each person's container, offering feedback and encouragement to everyone in the classes.

What a great, hands-on way to know you're doing it right -- or wrong -- and become a more confident gardener!

Kudos to the volunteers who helped Tu Bloom and his teammate Susan clean up and re-set each class. The dirt was definitely flying, as he quick-fired tips and tricks for getting a red-carpet-ready container design for your own backyard. Each attendee received 4 plants to pot up inside a Cool Wave-branded sustainable bag, which they got to take home at the end of class. (We must say, the very convenient handle helped gardeners carry their pot all through the massive convention center while showing off their design.)

Some of the other early-spring "plant friends" accompanying Cool Wave were Kitchen Minis Siam Tomato and Fresh Bites Pepper, Everleaf Thai Towers Basil, Clear Crystal Alyssum, and Ellagance English Lavender. Mmmm, it smelled amazing!

We'll be sharing Tu Bloom's potting tips all throughout the season, so stay tuned to our social pages and blog posts. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter here if you'd like info in your inbox, and watch for more ways Wave will collaborate with interesting and inspiring gardeners in 2024!

The line starts here! Check out all these enthusiastic gardeners waiting to get a session with Tu Bloom and Cool Wave.

The calm before the (dirt) storm: The tables are set for this year's Potting Party.

Our Cool Wave Pansies feel right at home center-stage. The whole Potting Party was surrounded by sweet pansy color!

It's a full house! Everyone is listening close to Tu Bloom's advice. He's a true floral artist!

Container design is serious business ... but we still had a great time learning and sharing our plant stories. (Also: Tu Bloom's rose-print gold jacket had us swooning!)

These ladies are loving their new spring containers. And you can tell they're avid gardeners - just look at those matching fun-patterned pants!


Flowers and friends make us smile! Here's some more happy Potting Party buddies with their new Cool Wave Pansies.





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