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Apr 10, 2024
New Wave Colors for Spring 2024
Suzette Rubio  Wave Blogger

Let’s get ready for Spring and welcome the season with some wonderful new colors from Wave® Petunias! Time to get your gardening gloves on these three sunny shades.

E3 Easy Wave® Sweet Taffy Mixture

Yellow and Pink petunias with bowls of yellow and pink candy Pink and yellow petunia blooms

This sweet-looking mix includes Pink Cosmo, Yellow, and Rose Morn (not available separately). It is a fresh combination that brings cheer and gleefully says: “Hello, Spring!” Add this new candy-colored mixture to your planters and baskets this season.

E3 Easy Wave Yellow

Yellow petunias in a hanging basket

Formerly a part of the Easy Wave® Series, Yellow now joins E3 Easy Wave because it’s so early to flower. Bright yellow blooms bring a cheery accent to your hanging baskets, garden beds and sun-drenched patio pots.

Easy Wave Blue Improved

Blue petunias in a flower pot

This improved shade of Easy Wave Blue has a dark purple-navy hue, which tolerates the heat and cooler night conditions quite well. It’s perfect for mixing and is versatile for pairing with either bold or pastel shades.

How will you incorporate these new shades to your garden color palette? Tell us about it in the comments section and be on the lookout for these new Wave varieties at your favorite garden center. Happy Shopping!

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