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Nov 8, 2021
How to Choose the Right Petunia
The Wave Crew  Wave Petunias | Cool Wave Pansies
Wave sets the standard for petunia landscape performance in gardens. Wave has provided over 25 years of easy spreading color and strong performance in conditions that would wither other petunias.
Easy Wave & E3 Easy Wave
The most versatile of all large-flowering spreading petunias, E3 Easy Wave and Easy Wave are great anywhere – in solo and mixed planters and baskets, gardens and landscapes. Available in the widest range of colors and mixes, they're an ideal choice in any garden setting.
Tidal Wave
Make a big impression with this high-impact series! Tidal Wave grows into a very full, shrublike plant that’s the perfect choice for landscapes and large containers. Tidal Wave is the “go-to” for home gardeners looking for fresh, fast color to spread across wide spaces. They also climb along and over walls and fences, and make beautiful, trellised containers.
Shock Wave
Shock Wave overflows with masses of color, along with exceptional performance in small spaces, baskets, containers and mixed combos. Each Shock Wave plant is blanketed with an amazing number of petite blooms to create jaw-dropping baskets and containers.



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Reader Comments (2)

Since moving to Arizona I have trouble keeping petunias alive. Our weather is so HOT! Any tips would be appreciated!
Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | Gigi

Hi Gigi!
We're curious where you've moved from. Our initial thoughts are that it's possible you are planting your Wave Petunias in the wrong season for Arizona. Petunias in most of AZ are planted in the winter months (December January February). And will last until April or May most likely. Petunias generally can't live through a typical Arizona summer.

Send us a few more details about your current location (city) and we can share some additional tips for success. Thanks!
Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | The Wave Team